1# Asparagus Spears, sliced

½ C Brining Spice

4 C Spinach

1 C Leeks, chopped

2 C Orange Segments

1 C Mushrooms, quartered

2 T Olive Oil

¼ C White Wine Vinegar


Bring 1 C water to boil with brining spice.  Let cool.  Place asparagus, leeks, mushrooms and oranges in large bowl.  Pour cooled water with brine spice over.  Toss to coat.  Add more water to cover.  Refrigerate 8 hours or overnight.  Reserve 2 T of brine water.  Drain vegetables.  Mix reserved brine water with vinegar and olive oil.  Divide brined vegetables between 4 cups of spinach.  Top with vinegar/olive oil if desired.