4 Chicken Thighs, deboned and cubed

3 T Lemon Pepper Seasoning   3 T Dijon Mustard

4 t Butter                               1 c Heavy Cream

½ C dry White Wine                2 C Rice, uncooked

1# Asparagus, trimmed and sliced


Add 1 T butter to saucepan and melt.  Stir in rice and brown 5-6 Min.  Slowly add 4 C water (or stock) and simmer until nearly cooked (10-15 Min).  Rub 2 T seasoning into chicken.  Heat 1 T butter in a large pan.  Add chicken and brown 5-6 Min.  Remove.  Deglaze with wine and slowly add cream.  Return chicken to pan and simmer for 8-10 Min until thick.  Stir in 2 T butter and serve over rice.